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Software Development Services

Building good software starts with good requirements gathering.  This is where Genex Consulting excels.  We take the time to understand what the business issues are.  We ask questions such as what problem are we trying to solve, what process are we trying to improve, what new service line will be offered?  We work with our clients to come up with solutions that answer these questions and more.  

We have come up with a software development process that works - a mix of RAD, RUP and our own GCL.  We ensure that the right client and team members are talking, and that all milestones are delivered.  Our clients are in the loop the entire time, no surprises. 

Our software development services include:
  • Project management
  • Process management
  • Business and systems analysis
  • Custom software development
  • Integration with existing software
  • Quality assurance testing

What Languages / Platforms Are We Familiar With?

You name it, we probably worked in it or on it.  Our team is smart, experienced, and well versed in good process.  Whether you use Perl, PHP and MySQL, .Net and SQL Server, Cognos, Documentum, Linux or Windows, or any of the other languages and platforms available, our team is equipped to handle your project.  

  • Shorter time to market
  • Fewer bugs/rounds in QA
  • Lower cost overall due to higher quality first time around 
  • Excellent support
  • more...

Did You Know...
Information Week Analytics Cloud Computing Survey of 547 business professionals shows the following top concerns about cloud computing:
  • Security defects in the technology itself - 57%
  • Unauthorized access to or leak of our proprietary information - 53%
  • Unauthorized access to or leak of our customers' information - 47%
  • Application or system performance - 32%
  • Business viability of provider; risk company will fail - 30%
  • Business continuity or disaster recovery readiness of provider - 22%
  • Features and general maturity of technology - 19%
  • Vendor lock-in - 17%
  • Other - 3%

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