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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Genex Consulting realizes that every organization has different SEO and Online Marketing needs.  We work with financial institutions, small businesses, medical organizations, non profits, and others to build strategic online marketing plans that attract and retain website visitors.  

The Facts:

Whether our clients want to sell more products, share quality information, or simply show up higher in search engine rankings, marketing online is about creating a conversation.  Genex Consulting will help put together a strategic plan that is clear, focused, and innovative.  To achieve this, we utilize many of the following:
  • Email campaigns
  • Adwords
  • SEO
  • Internet TV campaigns
  • Social Media strategies
  • Website usability and code reviews
  • Website copywriting
  • Analytics monitoring
  • more...

Our Clients Always Show Up Online!


Did You Know...
Keeping tabs on the competition does not have to take too much time.  Your team should include:
  • - updates regarding targeted keywords from Google
  • - updates regarding any targeted keywords from Yahoo!
  • - updates regarding any targeted keywords from Windows Live
  • - we work with you to keep you on top!




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