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Project Management

Strong project management is essential to successful project completion.  Our team is comprised of people who come from the best companies and organizations in the world.  Our leadership comes from white glove management consulting firms.  We are the right people for the job.

A good project manager has enough experience to know how to coordinate many people, tasks and forms of communication at once, all while keeping time and cost in mind.  What separates us from other firms is not the straightforward project, but the complex mess that frequently arises when multiple vendors and integrations are involved.  At Genex Consulting, we know how to effectively work with 3rd parties to get projects going again. 

Our philosophy is that a small, high performing team is better any day than a large, average team.  It is important for our clients to know that in selecting Genex Consulting, they are working with professionals who will help them get the job done.      

There are a number of approaches to managing project activities including: 

  • Agile
  • Interactive
  • Incremental
  • Phased

Regardless of the methodology employed, careful consideration is given to the overall project objectives, risks, timeline, and cost, as well as the roles and responsibilities of all involved.

Our clients can sleep at night knowing that a trusted professional who cares is working around the clock. 

Why a Process Matters...

So many companies are quick to talk about their process  on a high level in sales meetings.  The thing they really have one, know it and follow it?  Ask their clients how long it takes them to be up and running smoothly, how high the rate of turnover is, and whether that client really is getting quality right off the bat.  At Genex Consulting, we really do have a process, one that is based on best practices along with common sense, and it is easy to implement.  Our clients love it because it's so easy to adopt, it becomes how we do business together! 

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