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American Heritage defines methodologies as the "body of practices, procedures, and rules used by those who work in a discipline or engage in an inquiry".  At Genex Consulting, we think that it is important for our clients to know how we approach solving their problems.     

We help our clients achieve their vision for tomorrow:
  • We focus on the problem
  • Create a solution that works
  • Test it
  • Implement it

Of course, we then work with our clients to monitor, measure and adjust or expand as necessary.

Our Methodology, SDLC 360:

We use a formalized methodology that ensures our projects are consistently successful.  Based on industry best practices, our methodology is non-technology specific and creates continuity among project management, software development and other teams. 

We work with our clients to assess where they are today, and together we map out what the future will look like.  Our job is to put measures in place that help our clients reach their vision for tomorrow.  

This service line is often utilized in large financial and healthcare firms.  Our consultants have significant experience in both verticals.  Our strengths are process and quality improvements.  Our experience includes:

  • Complex systems integration management
  • Development management
  • Quality assurance management
  • Incident management
  • Portfolio management
  • Release management
  • Configuration management
  • Integration of acquired firms / software
  • more...

Our clients: 

  • Spend time on their business, not on technology issues
  • Meet time to market dates
  • Reduce number of software issues
  • Increase synergies across teams
  • Implement a repeatable process
  • Measure results

Why a Process Matters...

So many companies are quick to talk about their process  on a high level in sales meetings.  The thing they really have one, know it and follow it?  Ask their clients how long it takes them to be up and running smoothly, how high the rate of turnover is, and whether that client really is getting quality right off the bat.  At Genex Consulting, we really do have a process, one that is based on best practices along with common sense, and it is easy to implement.  Our clients love it because it's so easy to adopt, it becomes how we do business together! 

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