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About Us

Our clients call us when they need to have a business problem solved, and often we use technology to help.  We are trusted consultants to some of the worlds most influential businesses and institutions.  We are client-focused problem solvers with an emphasis on delivering the best solution every time.  We are committed to our employees, who come from many different locations around the world, with diverse backgrounds.  We are professional, with a broad reach across various industries, yet local to our clients, their business, their issues.

Our Core Principles:
  • Professional
  • Client-Focused
  • Committed to our Employees

Our Mission...

Our mission is ambitious - to partner with senior executives who are determined to make significant, distinctive and lasting improvements in their business performance through the use of technology. 
Our Team...

Our management team has a proven ability to transform vision into reality.  We come from a variety of backgrounds, both IT and business.  We have strong experience with management as well as with hands on implementations.  We know what it takes to get the job done.  We have led projects for firms such as McKinsey & Company, as well as small entrepreneurial firms developing new products that make a big splash in the marketplace.

Our consulting team is comprised of bright, analytical, energetic professionals who challenge themselves to keep their skills updated, who have great soft skills, and who are dedicated to improving quality and performance from project to project, client to client.

Corporate Headquarters

Our Approach...

We combine a strategic, top-management approach on every engagement.  This results in a customized, objective, creative and action-oriented solution.
  • Client Insight  
  • Analysis
  • Measurable Performance

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